Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Support

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 Your Individualized Birth Experience

                         I will support you to the best of my ability

Pregnancy and Birth Doula:

It is my goal to develop a individualized relationship with all of my mommas. Having a baby is a very intimate and empowering experience, and I am honored when I get to be a part of that process.  My role as a doula changes from momma to momma. Sometimes I am there strictly to offer informational support to you and your partner, assist in writing your birth plan,  make position recommendations during labor, and offer lactation support after baby is born. Other times I am there to fill the role as both a partner and birth coach. Whatever the need happens to be, I do my absolute best to fill it. 

As a labor & birth doula, I will accompany you during your birth to help ensure that you have the most positive birth experience  possible. I will provide you and your partner with emotional support, physical comfort measures, and information. I will help you to communicate your needs and desires to your birth attendants, and help you to make informed decisions about your birth. 

 I will help you become familiar with the birth ball, and different positions before your baby arrives. I will teach you about the advantages of using counter pressure, acupressure, and hot and cold packs to help with backache and back labor pain. We can create a play list using your favorite music, and I will gladly help you to develop an individualized birth plan. I will provide you with massage, relaxation/visualization techniques, and make positioning suggestions during your labor and birthI am independent and self-employed. As your doula, I work for you, not your caregiver or the hospital.

Postpartum Doula:

As a postpartum doula, I offer practical suggestions, informational support, and a listening ear. Postpartum douals are like a liquid that fill the spaces where mommas with new babies might be lacking energy. Those areas could be household responsibilities, or knowledgeable suggestions. I am available at any time to help you keep your home running smoothly. That could mean tossing laundry, washing the dishes in the sink, holding baby while you shower, assisting during breastfeeding challenges, or picking older kids up from school. If an overwhelming situation arises, I probably have a practical solution for you.   

                           What's outside of my "Scope of Practice?"

  • When I am serving in the role as a doula, I do not perform clinical tasks such blood pressure, fetal heart checks, vaginal exams, and other such duties. My role as a doula is non-medical.
  • As a doula, I do not make decisions for you. I will help you get the information you need to make your own informed decisions. I will also remind you if a decision involves a departure from your original desires and plan for birth, but will not force you to stick with your original plan.
  • As a doula, I will not speak to the staff instead of you or your partner regarding matters where decisions are being made. I will discuss your concerns with you and suggest options, but you or your partner will speak on your behalf to the clinical staff. I am more than happy to bring up questions you had, or remind you about important things you wanted the medical staff to follow regarding your birth plan.
  • As a doula, my capacity will be to offer suggestions and present options, not to make clinical assessments or decisions concerning your labor and birth.